Drinks delivery Kenya

Drinks delivery Kenya

Alcohol is slowly becoming the way of life mostly in the city unlike previously where drinking was perceived negatively, for those who are hopeless in life. Initially, people would meet in a hotel to take tea as they hold a meeting. Even some would go for coffee dates and for those that considered themselves so modern they would meet in a pub with low music sounds to catch up and try their luck of being together. Things are currently changing as privacy is becoming a necessity. We are all afraid of the digital age where someone will take a picture of you and post it to the public or even do more worse by sending it to your wife or husband in case you are meeting with the opposite gender regardless of what you were discussing. At the same time you want to control the music that you are listening to as it changes the mood for everything for the better.

Why You Should Order Alcohol Online in Kenya

There are so many factors that will lead someone to buy liquor online from cheaper price, saving time, the flexibility of payment and ordering, reliability and convenience, privacy and many other reasons. The following are some of the reasons you alcohol delivery Nairobi could be the service you need to use next.

Alcohol is a Necessity – Alcohol is slowly becoming a necessity; you need a glass of wine after taking meal, you need several bottles of beers when casually meeting with your friends in the house, a bottle of whisky will make a date in the house complete, champagnes bottles will make everything memorable, playing games with shots of tequila in the house with mates will make everything beautiful, when you want to get high and the finances are not allowing a bottle of vodka will do the magic and the list is just endless. When something bad happens we drink to moan, when something good happens we drink to celebrate and when nothing happens we drink to have something happen. I would also suggest you make an order for alcohol after this.

In all the above scenarios, they are meant to have fun and you can’t have fun when at the same time you are undergoing hard hustlers. The hard hustle is driving from your house to the nearby liquor store or even boarding a matatu and then getting stuck in the traffic in the traffic for two hours. Don’t forget there is a possibility of finding the wine shop or the whisky shop closed. How about the chances of finding out what you need is out of stock? Don’t forget that you need to queue to be checked out and you also the run the risk of breakage in your way back. However, you can let Nairobi Drinks shoulder all these hustles for you be delivering a bottle to your doorstep in less than 20 minutes at no extra cost if you live within or close to the city. The advantage of ordering from us that we don’t have a minimum order and we offer the fastest delivery services in the city. Other companies that compares with us are Drinks Delivery Kenya and Dial A Delivery.

Alcohol Privacy – Scandal of your pictures drinking and misbehaving going round in social media will lower your reputation. The worst scenario is when you are with someone else apart from your partner and then those pictures reach your partner. You can avoid all this humiliation by letting a bottle of your favourite liquor meet you instead of you meeting it. Maybe your religion prohibits you from drinking but your thirsty throat won’t let live another day without taking a glass. This is always a compromising situation but don’t worry because we got your back. Just dial a delivery and you will be enjoying a bottle in your privacy as you belch of satisfaction letting God be your judge.

Alcohol and Condoms – Just imagine you have managed to inbox your crush only to arrive home and find out you don’t have condoms. This is when you realize the devil is real. If you rush to the nearest shop, you ain’t sure your catch will wait for that long. How about that shopkeeper who knows you as a good gentleman or lady finding out you are going to have sex? This might taint your respect. At the same time you want at least a bottle of whisky to keep things flowing smoothly but unfortunately, your liquor cabinet is also empty. This is where Nairobi Drinks kicks in as a savior. Whether you are looking for whisky delivery Nairobi or condoms delivery Nairobi you can be certain that you will have the fastest delivery ever as you keep your catch company.

Time Constrain – You almost heading home having been stuck in the office the whole day and deep down there you can feel the echoes of the thirsty you. The traumatizing thing is the hectic traffic to the liquor store and the only thing your sharp brains can think of is how a bottle of Johnnie Walker will flavor your evening. To be sincere, time is the most scarce resource in the city. We all loath getting stuck in the traffic or basically wasting time. Spending all that time in the shop, queuing and then back must be really inconveniencing. A good online liquor store comes in your help in such situations. From your phone, you can just dial a drink and have it delivered to where you are as you concentrate on your job. 

Ordering Alcohol Online is Economical – if we use Nairobi Drinks as a specimen here you will understand that ordering alcohol from us is economical. We give offers from time to time to add to the loyalty programs, coupons, and discounts which increases with the more you order. When you buy liquor from the supermarket and other establishes wines and spirits shop in Nairobi you will find that their prices are fixed and gives no room for negotiation. Most of the times their higher prices are justified by the hefty rent they pay and their huge running costs. When you buy alcohol online in Kenya you will understand that our prices are considerably low and the most amazing is that there is no extra cost because the delivery is free.

Flexible Payment Methods – money is always a cause of worry in everyone. This worry is even more intensified you don’t money in cash and the payment method required is cash or the vice versa where the payment method required is card, PayPal or Mpesa and you have it in cash. Having understood this concern of our clients, we accept all means of payment including banker’s cheque. We also accept payment in dollars which mostly works for foreigners who don’t have the local currency.

Surprise Celebrations – there are scenarios that arises when bottles of champagne are essential to celebrate some are achievements as a company like huge gain in the stock exchange or personal achievement like a job promotion. Champagne delivery Nairobi comes in hand in such scenarios acting swiftly to ensure the bottles reach you in time.  

Social Drinking – sometimes our friends surprises us in the house and the liquor cabinet also surprises us by being empty. For social drinking beer delivery, Nairobi is the most common service for men while for women wine delivery Nairobi will suit them. The best thing is that the power to place that order is just within a few clicks then wait for the doorbell in minutes.

Basically, ordering alcohol online is more like accepting the digital age where everything is controlled from the palm of your hand. 

Author: Robert wach
Published on: 3 Jun 2018

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