Why Buy Drinks Online In Kenya

Why Buy Drinks Online In Kenya

If you live in Nairobi, you must agree with me that alcohol is among the basic needs. Actually, for some of us who are lucky to have a payslip, we always have a budget for alcohol. However, there are so many needs like social responsibilities, family responsibilities, personal responsibilities, health bills, Kenya Power bills, water bills, loan premiums etc. With all these responsibilities, it becomes difficult running on a fixed salary and a big budget. This leads to introduction of cuts in your budget. Unfortunately, alcohol is the first one to be affected yet it should be the priority number one. Nairobi Drinks, an online alcohol shop located in Nairobi CBD, understands this dilemma and is now offering alcohol delivery in Nairobi and all the surrounding regions. Drinks delivery services is economical in terms of time and money. Join me as we dig deeper into some of the reasons why should buy drinks online as opposed to local wines and spirits, bar, restaurants, lounges and nightclubs.

Before go down the road of alcoholic drinks in Kenya and their prices, it would be better we first point out at some of the reasons why alcohol delivery Kenya is taking roots in the major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa.

Rise Of Insecurity In The City

Most of us work till late and we are left with little or no time at all to rush to the nearest liquor store to buy alcohol. When we are finally done with our daily schedule, it’s already late and we are probably caught up with the crazy evening traffic jam in the city. Unfortunately, most of the wines and spirits shop closes at 6 pm so we have no option than traversing the city looking for an open alcohol shop. You can be lucky to find an open liquor shop but be certain it will be in dark street where there is a huge risk of being mugged or worse you lose your vehicle to thugs. Also, these wines and spirits stores in the dark streets will never guarantee you original and quality drinks. At night these alcohol shops are turned into bars and the kind of the guys who drink here are low-income earners so you are assured of finding guys chewing miraa and sipping Bluemoon Vodka in plastic party cups. According to the expected clients in this kind of a setup, you will hardly find a high-class expensive drink. Therefore, buying alcohol from a back street is a huge risk on yourself and your belongings. If it gets late before you buy your booze, it will be advisable you order drinks online and have them delivered right to your door as you enjoy the security and comfort of your house. To make it better, Nairobi Drinks has extended it's working hours to midnight every day except on weekends and public holiday when we go up to 3 AM. This is in line with our dream of offering 24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi.

Fake Alcohol in Nairobi In Local Liquor Stores

There are fake drinks everywhere in the city, even in supermarkets and malls. Some might dispute this but there is one of my client who been a victim of fake drinks. She bought a Smirnoff vodka in one of the popular supermarkets in Kenya and after drinking it she was hospitalized. She was diagnosed with food poisoning. In short, you better be safe than sorry. Some of the liquor shops have no legacy or reputation to defend so they just sell fake drinks and nothing much you can do to them. To make this one clear to you, remember when the county council of Nairobi liquor officials were making rounds in the city and how many fake alcohols was unearthed. Buy alcohol from guys who have made their brand and have a reputation to defend. These big names always source their drinks from licensed suppliers ensuring they only give you the best. Their prices might be a little bit high in comparison with those ones of local wines and spirits but always remember that cheap is expensive and there is no amount of money that is equal to your health. You might save a hundred while purchasing alcohol and spend hundreds of thousands seeking medication or the worst case you lose your life. Shop alcohol online from reputable online wines and spirits store like Nairobi Drinks and enjoy quality and original drinks delivered to your house or office in minutes.

Exaggerated Alcohol Prices By Wines and Spirits and Clubs

Drinking quality drinks is everyone’s desire but at the same time, some liquor stores have exaggerated prices ripping you off your hard earned money. There are some price differences that are understandable depending on the how expensive is the region where the wines and spirits are located but a difference of more than a thousand bob is a pure exaggeration. Try to visit some of the popular nightclubs in the city and you will realize how expensive they sell their drinks. For example, I went to one of the famous club in the city and ordered for a Hennessy VSOP 1 litre. When the bill came, I was really astonished, my expectation was that the drink will cost around Ksh 9,000 but to my surprise, it was Ksh 23,000. I felt conned and robbed. It is my advice to anyone who is planning to have a good time in a club to inquire about the prices before making an order for a drink. For my case, I had to call my friend to come and bail me out. Why get stressed when you can dial a drink from an online liquor store and within a few minutes the drink will find its way to your house. It’s economical in terms of time and money to order alcohol online due to the discounted prices offered and also the quick delivery time that saves you all the hustles. Why pay more for the same drink that you can get delivered to your house at a lower price. Choose alcohol delivery Nairobi today and you will have chosen the right way of living bearing in mind the economy is not doing so well.

Poor Music Selection and Bad Music Systems In Clubs

We all love music, however, we love different genre of music. Some of us consider a particular genre of music as boring. The worst part when the DJ is poor in music selection and music systems are sounding as if they are hosting a million cockroaches inside. A good DJ is supposed to learn the mood of the people and give what people need at that particular time. Imagine you are in a club and you have ordered four bottles of Guinness beer and paid them in advance to ensure the waiter doesn’t trick you when you get drunk. Then the DJ gets on the decks and you fill like screaming due to the kind of music he is playing and the loud low-quality speaker that sounds more like “sufurias”. My advice for you is to buy drinks online and stay home and listen to your quality home theatre and those sweet songs that soothe you and relax your mind. There is nothing as good as inner peace. It actually, energize you. Why pay more and listen to loud bad music? Imagine that situation where you can never receive a call and you can barely speak to the person next to you and if you can, you have to shout on top of your voice. Dial a delivery now and enjoy reliable drinks delivery Kenya.

Lack Of Privacy In Clubs and Bars

Imagine you take your beautiful crush outside but she can’t kiss you because everyone is watching. At the same time, your mates are streaming in the same club and they all want to say hi to your crush. Your worries won’t end there because everyone one wants to speak behind your back and so judge your pretty girl or that handsome dude from angles. In case you are married, those mates of yours will obviously leak the information to your wife or husband that you are seeing someone else. To avoid so many scandals in your life buy alcohol online and have it delivered to your house or secret room and carry on with anything else you want.

Extra Services Besides Alcohol Delivery

Local liquor shops sell alcohol only but online alcohol shops offer more than that. Beside offering alcohol delivery in Kenya, we also offer other services like condoms delivery, cigarettes delivery, chasers, tumblers, fresh juices and water. In short, Nairobi Drinks is your total solution when it comes to all factors surrounding alcohol. Are you holding an event, ceremony or any other function? Are you worried about the taste and preferences of your expected guests? Worry no more because Nairobi Drinks personnel have deep knowledge in all types of alcohol in Kenya and ready to dispense it to you at added cost. To make it better, we also offer wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya to ensure all our clients remain within their budgets and the event becomes a success.


Drinks delivery Kenya is the way of life in the city. You have all your hustlers shouldered for you and at the same time, it is economical. Why struggle to get a drink while can buy drinks online and have your favourite drinks finding you instead of you finding them. Dial a delivery today and be on the forefront of enjoying free and fast drinks delivery in addition to reliable alcohol delivery Nairobi.

Author: Robert wach
Published on: 18 Oct 2018

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