Best Wines brands and Their Prices in Kenya

🍷 Discover the Best Wine Delivery in Nairobi

Wine, the elixir of joy, is a beloved alcoholic beverage that captures the essence of grapes through meticulous fermentation. In Kenya, the world of wines unfolds with an array of options, each unique in its grapes, production methods, and prices. Nairobi Drinks, your trusted online wine store, unveils this captivating world right at your doorstep, offering a diverse selection of wines from across the globe. πŸŒπŸ‡

Types of Wines in Kenya

Kenya embraces a rich tapestry of wine types, catering to various tastes and occasions:

  • πŸ₯‚ White Wines: Explore the sweetness of white wines or savor the elegance of dry white wines.

  • 🍷 Red Wines: Delight in the richness of sweet red wines or the sophistication of dry red wines.

  • 🌸 Rose Wines: Perfect for picnics and excursions, both sweet and dry rose wines are available.

  • ✨ Sparkling Wines: Add sparkle to celebrations with our range of sparkling wines.

  • 🏰 Fortified Wines: Discover the world of fortified wines, including the renowned port wines.

  • 🍹 Vermouth Wines: Ideal for cocktails and aperitifs.

  • 🚫 Non-Alcoholic Wines: For those who prefer a non-intoxicating option.

  • πŸ₯‚ Champagnes: Elevate special moments with exquisite champagnes.

The Nairobi Drinks Experience

Nairobi Drinks takes pride in offering an extensive wine collection that conquers your thirst for excellence. Our commitment extends to ensuring affordability, making quality wines accessible to all. We don't just stop at competitive wine prices; we offer something more profound—a world of choices.

  • 🌐 Explore Online: Visit our website to compare grapes used, prices, and alcohol percentages.

  • 🍷 Quality Beyond Price: Understand that wine quality isn't solely linked to its cost. Taste is subjective, and we cater to diverse palates.

  • 🎁 Wine Gifting: Wine makes for a perfect gift, often combined with flower delivery for added charm.

  • 🍾 Celebrations and Special Occasions: Whether it's champagne for a toast or sparkling wine to mark milestones, we've got you covered.

Wholesale Prices for Local Stores

If you're running a local liquor store, benefit from highly discounted wines and spirits wholesale prices from trusted online wine shops like Nairobi Drinks, Dial A Delivery, and Drinks Delivery Kenya. These stores are known for their reliability and their commitment to stocking the best wines in Kenya.

Most Expensive Wine in Kenya

Certain wines, such as champagnes, sparkling wines, and port wines, fall into the category of luxury. Champagnes, in particular, demand attention due to their meticulous preparation methods, involving time and expertise. Sparkling wines, while resembling champagnes, offer a broader range of options.

Port wines, on the other hand, are fortified and aged to perfection in Portugal. With an alcohol percentage of around 21%, they undergo a unique aging process that sets them apart.

Wine Shops in Nairobi CBD

In Nairobi's bustling central business district, numerous liquor stores beckon, but not all provide alcohol delivery services. Some offer scheduled deliveries, limiting spontaneity. Others may be sluggish, causing inconveniences. The limitation extends to available options.

Enter Nairobi Drinks, the online liquor store that resolves these challenges. We are committed to providing flexibility in ordering, swift alcohol deliveries, and a vast selection of wines from around the world. 🚚✨

  • Flexible Payment Options: We understand that convenience is key. Choose from various payment methods, including cards, mobile money (MPESA till number), and cash on delivery.

  • Competitive Wine Prices: Nairobi Drinks offers some of the best wine prices in Kenya, ensuring that you enjoy quality wines without breaking the bank.


Wines are more than just alcoholic beverages; they are moments captured in a bottle. Nairobi Drinks, the leading online wine store, brings the world of wines to your doorstep. Explore an extensive selection, compare prices, and discover the perfect wine for any occasion.

Whether you're celebrating a special event, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or gifting a bottle to a loved one, Nairobi Drinks is your trusted partner. With free wine delivery services in Nairobi and a commitment to affordability, we make it easy for you to savor the finest wines from around the world.

πŸ₯‚ Raise your glass to Nairobi Drinks, your gateway to a world of wines, convenience, and quality beyond price.

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