Vodka brands & prices in Kenya

absolut vodka-nairobidrinks
plain vodka | 40%
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smirnoff vodka red-nairobidrinks
plain vodka | 37.5%
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absolut watkins-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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absolut vanila-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 40%
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flirt vodka green apple-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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absolut elyx-nairobidrinks
plain vodka | 42%
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flirt vodka-nairobidrinks
plain vodka | 37%
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smirnoff vanilla-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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smirnoff orange-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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smirnoff gold-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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smirnoff espresso-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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smirnoff citrus-nairobidrinks
flavoured vodka | 37%
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# Brand Country of Origin
  Smirnoff Russia
  Absolut Sweden
  Ketel One Netherlands Antilles
  Grey Goose France
  Flirt Vodka Bulgaria
  Ciroc France
  Belvedere Poland
  Stolichnaya Russia
  Neon India
  KGB Vodka Mauritius
  Beluga Russia
  Vodka 360 United States
  Cruz Vodka South Africa
  Magic Moments India
  Crystal Head Canada
  Hapsburg absinthe Switzerland
  Skyy Vodka United States
  Seagram's Vodka Canada
  White Mischief India
  Invincible Vodka Sweden
  Tito's United States
  Finlandia Finland
  Medea Netherlands Antilles
  Diamond vodka Estonia
  Danzka Denmark
  Firestarter Moldova
  Imperia Russia
  42 Below New Zealand
  Eiko Japan
  Rada Ukraine
  Kozak Ukraine
  The Buck France
  Roberto Cavali Italy
  Uluvuka Poland
  Royal Dragon Russia
  Medoff Russia
  Old Cock United Kingdom
  Red Army Russia
  Kamasutra Germany

Vodka Delivery Nairobi

Vodka is a colorless and odorless spirit which comes with various flavours an thus blends evenly with many other drinks without declaring itself. This makes vodka brands more popular among ladies and gents. Buy vodka online today from Nairobi Drinks at discounted prices and enjoy fast and free alcohol delivery Nairobi and its environs. Checkout our collection.

It's great to relax in the afternoon with your preferred bottle of vodka, particularly after a stressful day at work and a tiresome commute. The major reason you should opt for vodka online delivery in Nairobi is simply that the prices are lower when you buy from an best online liquor store Kenya in comparison to the local wines and spirits shop. Order your favorite bottle of vodka and get it delivered within 30 minutes. In fact, it can be hectic to get you liquor bottles home due to the inconveniences of traffic and time constriction. Vodka delivery Nairobi allow you to enjoy alcohol with no hustles at the comfort of home any time you feel like drinking. With fast and dependable alcohol delivery in Kenya, who can say no?

If there is one bottle you can't afford to live without stoking it in you liquor cabinet, it's vodka. Regardless of different ways of drinking it, either straight or mixed, vodka is an important ingredient in most cocktail preparation. Here at Nairobi Drinks we stock a huge range of vodka to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for whether flavoured or clear vodka. Make your drinks delivery order today and experience the difference with Nairobi's best online liquor store.

What is vodka? It may seem a strange question until you realize the huge varieties of vodka produced from various ingredients. Vodka can be distilled from any sugary or starchy plant matter but the most popular ones are wheat, corn and rye. However, sugar beets, grapes, potatoes and soy beans are also being used to make craft vodka. Probably this is the reason why there are so many brands of vodka today and different stories about its history. Poland is the main producer of Vodka through fermentation of crystal sugar and yeast. Vodka was initially used for medicinal purpose before people realized its intoxicating effects. Nairobi Drinks offers one of the best selections of vodka online. We are your one-stop online shop for deals on rare wines and spirits in Kenya.

Types of Vodka In Kenya

  • Flavoured vodka - Non-flavoured vodkas are clear are mostly used to prepare cocktails due to their easy blending characters. However, they also are drunk as shots. Non-flavoured vodkas are more often referred to as original vodkas.
  • Non-flavoured vodka - The flavoured vodka are mostly drunk straight or on the rocks because of their appealing smell and taste.

The major reason why online alcohol delivery Kenya is becoming a preference for many is simply because of the low prices, free drinks delivery and the choice of many different alcohol brands names in comparison to a local wines and spirits store. At Nairobi Drinks you will find the top-shelf names like Grey Goose, Ciroc vodka, Belvedere, Crystal Head vodka, Smirnoff vodka, Absolut vodka and Sky Vodka. However, there are other lesser known brands like Magic Moments, Neon vodka, Flirt vodka … the list is endless. We are the most reliable alcohol delivery Nairobi with convenience of the customer when they buy alcohol online Kenya as our main theme. Let the good times never end. Cheers! #KeepItNairobiDrinks

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