Difference Between Whiskey and Cognac

Most people who love whisky also love cognac. Our question today; what is the difference between whisky and

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Drinks Delivery Nairobi

Online shopping Kenya is becoming a way of life, particularly in Nairobi. With time remaining constant and traffic jam increasing every single day in the capital city, it becomes difficult to rush to wines and spirit

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Alcohol and popular drinks in Kenya

Some of us have various reasons for not drinking which goes from religion to all the way to being raised in a family of alcohol addicts. Most of us heard the term ‘alcohol’ at home if the parents imbibed which has lead to some of us having a total abst

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Online drinks delivery in Kenya

Alcohol is slowly becoming a way of life mostly in the city unlike in the back where drinking was perceived negatively; for those who are hopeless in life. Initially, people would meet in hotels to take tea as they hold their meeting. On the other hand

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Why Buy Alcohol Online In Nairobi

Online shopping may seem like a head-scratching process to people who are knew to the whole thing. Honestly, it looks too good to be true. They can’t imagine how you can dial a delivery

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24 hour alcohol delivery nairobi

The music so nice, drinks flowing and the party so lit but unfortunately the liquor cabinet goes dry. This is when you realize the devil is a liar. While cursing in low tones, you face suddenly brightens. An awesome idea just crossed your mind. “I will

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Most expensive alcohol in Kenya

Which drink are you taking today? Did you know that the bottle that goes down your throat says much about who you are? Some claim that the price of drinks is purely based on marketing strategy but I will differ with them. The more the

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Alcohol delivery Nairobi

Alcohol delivery Nairobi is the new way of life in the city. This service comes in handy when you want to buy alcoholic drinks online without necessarily having to step

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Online Alcohol Delivery

Online alcohol delivery is the most convenient way to enjoy alcohol in the city. You dial a drink from the comfort of your house and the drinks are delivered in less than 20 minutes. Onl

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Wine shops in Nairobi CBD

Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you like it red, white rose or sparkling? Nairobi Drinks is an online wine shop in Nairobi CBD offering more than just wine. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, wine is more than just alcohol.

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Alcohol Delivery

The demand for reliable alcohol delivery services in Nairobi city has grown over the past few months with so many players coming on board to try and take their market niche. Besides

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Liquor Stores In Nairobi

Alcohol has become part of daily life in the city. When something good happens we drink to celebrate, when something bad happens we drink to wipe away our sorrows, when nothing happens we drink to make something good happen… basically we drink all the

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Types of Whisky In Kenya

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made from grains mostly barley but it can also be made from other grains like corn(maize), wheat, rice, and rye. The grains could be malted or un-malted. Whisky is among the <

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Wine Brands in Kenya

Wine is an alcoholic drink produced from fermented grapes and is the most consumed in all types of alcohol in the whole world after Read More


Alcohol Delivery Service Nairobi

Many people are aware of the negative effects of alcohol, but few people know the benefits of consuming alcohol. Despite this great controversy surrounding alcohol, alcohol intake continues to be a worldwide phenomenon with every single country in the

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Why Buy Drinks Online In Kenya

If you live in Nairobi, you must agree with me that alcohol is among the basic needs. Actually, for some of us who are lucky to have a payslip, we always have a budget for alcohol. However, there are so many needs like social responsibilities, family r

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Alcohol Delivery Mombasa

When you think of Mombasa, probably what comes to your mind is an exotic paradise in the African tropics. This cosmopolitan tourist destination is filled with so much fun-filled activities plus amazing sites that ensures that you forget abou

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Top 10 Whiskey Brands In Kenya

Whisky is a distilled dark spirit that is made from fermented grains. The grains used to make whisky are wheat, corn, rye and barley. There is always a confusion about the spelling of this popular types of alcohol

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Alcohol Delivery Nairobi - How To Enjoy Buying Alcohol Online In Kenya

Alcohol delivery services in Nairobi is the trend currently. With the festive season around the corner and most of the companies closing, there is a huge need for alcohol delivery in Nairobi

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Online Liquor Delivery Services

There are many reasons to buy alcohol online in Kenya which range from the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your house, free and fast alcohol deliveries, discounted alcohol pr

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Wines In Nairobi – 5 Wine Brands For A Perfect Date

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is made from the fermentation of grapes. The quality of grapes is directly related to the quality of the wine. However, wine prices in Kenya <

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Drinks delivery Nairobi - Dial a drink nairobi

Are you in the mood of enjoying a glass of wine? Do you have friends coming over and think a couple of beers will do you good as you recap? Would you love to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate a milestone achieved? Then

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Types of Wine in Kenya and Their Prices

Some people love to take it after a

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Drinks delivery Kenya

There are four ways you can enjoy your favourite drink; at home, in the office, in an event or in a club. As you can see, three of the above options requires the alcohol to find you instead of you going to find it. This is the point where Read More


Whisky Prices In Kenya

Whisky prices in Kenya is the major factor that influences the whisky delivery Nairobi which is among the most popular alcohol delivery se

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10 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks In Kenya

After working hard, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a top-shelf drink. There are several reasons for purchasing expensive drinks which range from promotion, graduation, birthday, ordination or just because your taste buds are tired of seeping

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Buy Alcohol Online during Coronavirus Lock Down

The Coronavirus pandemic is holding the country hostage and the lockdown is eventually happening. This has resulted in panic-shopping. Other people have taken advantage of the presidential request to the com

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Top 12 Japanese Whisky Brands In Kenya

Are you a whisky enthusiast? Do you wonder why Japanese whisky is quite expensive in comparison to Scotch whisky, Irish whisky or bourbon whisky? In today’s review, we will dig deeper on the history of Japanese whisky, their quality and some of the bes

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The best alcoholic drinks for every occasion

What drinks are best for what occasions.

People are often wondering what would be the best/ideal drink to serve or have at various parties or occasions. This could be inspired by the pride of a perf

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Are you considered a cool guy, a tough guy, a non-experienced guy (amateur), an alpha male, a girlish guy or a charmer (ladies man as many men dream to be)?

The choice of your drink as a man could either make you or break you (its manly not to ca

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